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HomiePickle - Ambarella & Ceylon Olive Chutney | 250 g

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Rs 710.00

100% natural, no vinegar , no artificial preservatives or flavours added, have an absolute taste of Srilankan spices

HomiePickle origin story from the founder herself 
HomiePickle began with the purpose of gift giving the healthy goodness , it was for a friend ,pregnant mother , even for a loved-one in abroad to taste these healthy side dishes which has an absolute taste of Srilankan spices.

Our small brand was accepted by Good Market Global in March, 2019 and was accepted by the Good Market community. We stand for "Good taste for Good Health" and our start was from the Polos pickle and then introduced some unique chutneys with a relaunch packaging to match for the gift giving purpose.
Since every story has a start and have reasons for its success our progress started by taking the housewives as our main part of the business and low economy people who wanted to earn extra money and also the community we earned that always accept the sustainability. We purely commited to offer vegetarian food and also support the community who stands to empower women , improve rural economy & supports an environmental friendly approach.

With our progress we will introduce more new tested varients in future and absolutely will make it sure that what we do will be unique for you. Our brand today have understood how important we are for the working women today since our customers are interested to take our side dishes for their lunch meal at offices.
Many of our customers want to have our healthy side dishes to gift their lovedones and also they are very much awaited to taste these items because it is so Srilankan. Even for the Srilankans who live abroad feel more special about these because they mostly miss Srilankan food there.
Like these we are growing with our uniqueness and we hope always to offer the best uniqueness from taste for your healthy lifestyle.

-Denusha Ranasinghe-
(Founder HomiePickle)