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Good Knight Super Mats | 15 Mats

by Godrej
Sold out
Rs 100.00

People hate dengue, Chikungunya and irritating mosquito bites, especially when it comes to their children. That's where Goodknight steps in, with simple, innovative, intuitive ways of keeping mosquitoes away. We are among the highest selling mosquito repellent brands, and we don't stop at just repelling mosquitoes, which is of course, our job. At Goodknight, we are also constantly looking for ways to become better at what we call ‘protecting happy moments'. Goodknight is as much an urban brand, as a rural solution. We are innovating and looking for ways to leverage both new technology and the non-electrics platform to expand our reach across homes in Sri Lanka.
Goodknight Mat Heater machine + mats
• Keeps away mosquitos and other insects
• Available in 15 and 30 mats
• Mats can be purchased separately
• Low electricity consumption
• Only available under the Goodknight Brand