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Lifebuoy Green Tea & Aloe Vera Body Wash | 250 ml

Rs 370.00

Our skin is the first line of defence from the outside world therefore personal hygiene is the first form of protection our skin needs. Good personal hygiene leads to protection against the spread of germs, like bacteria, which can lead to infections. Protect your family from ten infection causing germs with Lifebuoy total ten body wash. It is formulated to give rich, creamy foam reaches deep into the pores. It gives you protection from ten infection causing germs. Lifebuoy body wash with active natural shield is specially designed to give you the protection you and your family need. It will leave your skin feeling protected, cleansed and refreshed. For the best experience wet a loofah and pour a drop of body wash onto the loofah. Squeeze the loofah to create lather and apply all over and rinse. Lifebuoy body wash prevents the spread of germs, keeping the family safe from ten infection causing germs. About the body wash germ protection body wash, with active natural shield, ives protection from body odour causing germs, gives 100 percent better germ protection, it is formulated to give rich creamy foam to reach deep into pores, approved by the royal society of public health as per lab test on indicator organism vs soap bar without actives as per lab test. Washing with soap and water is a recommended measure to help prevent transmission of infection causing germs.