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Lipton Green Tea Citrus | 20 Bags

Rs 165.00

We think our green tea blend is perfect for those moments during the day when you need a few moments to re-energize and revive yourself. It’s perfect for the morning - a dose of pure sunshine in your system to gear yourself up for the day. And Iced or hot, our smooth green tea is a great accompaniment to breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you’re craving something sweet and fruity, turn to our range of green tea featuring super fruits!
Get the best from your brew: If you’ve ever sampled a green tea and found it a little on the bitter side, it’s likely because it’s been steeping for a little too long. Our Green Tea benefits from brewing in boiled water that’s been left to cool a little. This helps to coax out those lovely, fresh and energizing flavors. If you prefer your green tea to have a bite to it, steep for longer than 2 minutes.