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LIVitup Hangover Shield | 10 Packs

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LIVitup is a 100% natural, Ayurvedic (herbal), FDA approved, hangover prevention pill with a whole host of body-loving ingredients, which are undoubtedly the best cure for a hangover. What’s more, is that it also doubles up as a long-term liver protector.

In the short term: popping two LIVitup hangover relief pills, before your first drink, helps you say goodbye to those horrible hangover symptoms, the morning after a night of revelry. The ingredients in LIVitup provide your liver with the nutrients it needs, to break down the acetaldehyde produced by alcohol to mitigate its effects. Made from premium all-natural ingredients, used traditionally for the treatment of alcohol addicts and sufferers of liver cirrhosis, LIVitup helps your body expel the bad stuff out, sooner.

In the long term: Prolonged consumption of alcohol can result in acetaldehyde corroding the liver lining, which leads to long-term liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is the loss of liver cells and the scarring of the liver, which proves to be permanent. So, for regular alcohol consumers, acetaldehyde is known to be highly toxic; it is involved in alcoholic liver disease and is a known carcinogen that causes alcohol-related cancer. Regular consumption of LIVitup (after consultation by our doctor) helps in protecting your liver by forming a protective lining, defending it against inflammation and ridding the body of a minor alcohol withdrawal.